Branding & Logo Design

Every brand has a story, and every story is unique.

Your logo is the key to establishing the purpose and soul of your business. Whether you require a brand new logo or to refresh an existing one, my branding services have all the essentials to establish the basis for your visual identity and create an authentic brand that tells your story.

  • Brand Development
  • Logo Design
  • Digital Design Solutions
  • Print Design Solutions
brand design

Brand Design

Branding & logo design can include:

A project brief asking questions about your goals, customers and business. This may include a project questionnaire and inspiration homework to help gain a better understanding of your business and its needs.

A collection and curation of images that best represent the overall look and feel of your brand will be organised into an inspirational mood board, which will help define your brand strategy and voice.

Up to three logo concepts will be created, and your chosen concept will be refined further as required.

You may love your chosen concept as is, but if there is something you would like to tweak, you have two revision rounds available to perfect it.

Up to two additional logo variations that complement your primary logo and add versatility to your branding whilst maintaining a cohesive brand identity. The secondary, alternate design/s complement the primary logo and can be used in unique ways, separate from the primary.

A sub-mark created as a unique image or graphic to use when a space is too small for your other logo variations. This fitted mark is useful for small social profiles like Instagram.

Get the word out about your new brand and maintain consistency across platforms.

A set of branded social media imagery (up to four total): A custom brand cover photo designed for your top social platform, a 1:1 profile graphic to use on any or all your social profiles, and two additional image posts for the platform of your choice.

A captivating colour scheme will be selected to characterise your brand. Each colour will be defined in CMYK, RGB, and HEX values.

A list of typefaces used in your project that reflect your brands visual identity will be provided along with the download/s.

A custom front and back business card design that showcases your contact information with impact (up to two contacts), and a letterhead or notecard design. Provided as print-ready (PDF) files. *Printing not included.

Two Fun photo-realistic mock-ups to help you visualise how your designs would appear in real life scenarios.

At the end of your project all files will be delivered in colour and mono versions. Including print-ready files (PDF, JPG), Web + Social Media files (JPG, PNG, SVG), and Vector (EPS, AI) files.

Upon completion of your project, you will receive a PDF reference guide detailing all your brand design elements, including primary logo, logo variation/s, sub-mark, inspiration images, colour palette, typography selection, and brand guidelines.

Customise your branding project with add-ons:

Additional logos, branded patterns, social media graphics, styled photography, additional print and digital items, including, gift certificates, packaging, stickers, hangtags, t-shirts, and much more! If you’re looking for something not listed here, please feel free to contact me.

No prices? I know, how annoying, but...

I believe that one size doesn’t fit all and all projects are tailored to the customer’s needs and requirements. Together we can discuss options that will tailor and benefit your business to ensure it will grow with consistency and confidence.

Are you ready to create a visual identity that will connect with your customers?

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brand design process

The Brand Design Process

A systematic approach that includes critical research, skilled strategy and innovative design to develop unforgettable brands. My branding services are ideal for the minimalist small business owner, start-up or entrepreneur looking to invest in a new brand identity or refresher of an existing one. I will create a visual identity custom to your business and build a cohesive brand that voices professionalism, attracts your dream customers and makes you stand out from the competition.

All brand design projects take approximately 4 – 6 weeks to complete.
(Purely dependent on the scope of the project and client response time).

  • Brand Discovery
  • Research & Strategy
  • Concept Development
  • Revision & Refinement
  • Final Delivery
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Every project is approached with innovation and creativity to produce high-end, welcoming designs that turn your business into a marketing machine and make it stand out from the competition.

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